Tilt- Anarchy In the UK Video

TitlHookedblog managed to catch up with graffiti artist Tilt while he was in London at the end of November. The artist had been invited over to East London by Pictures On Walls, where he painted a large scale Union Jack on the huge wall at Village Underground. The mural featured his signature bubble letters using the lyrics from the Sex Pistols "Anarchy In the UK" and was painted to tie-in with the release of the same image as an edition through Pictures On Walls.

Photographer Benjamin Roudet from Big Addict was also in London, having travel from Toulouse with the artist to capture the journey. He has just posted his finished short clip of the artist at work. Check it out below.



Susewilson said...

Don't suppose you know how long the wall is going to stay with Tilt's work on do you?

London Accountant said...

What, could they whitewash the wall?

hookedblog said...

The piece is still up on the wall and is likely to stay over Christmas. I imagine there is an event/club night on at Village Underground for New Years Eve and imagine it could get painted over at that point depending on who is holding the party!

hookedblog said...

YES, the wall changes on a regular basis, it is owned by Village Underground who hire the venue and wall out.