Pablo Delgado — Miniature Street Art In London

Amazing Miniature street art by Mexican Street artist Pablo Delgado

Back in June of this year, we here at Hookedblog posted a photographic collection of street scenes we discovered on the streets of East London featuring the work of Mexican street artist Pablo Delgado (Previously on Hookedblog).

Over a two month period, the street artist has continued to populate the neighborhoods of Shoreditch and Brick Lane with a series of new miniature street scenes. This work continues to bring a smile to our faces and we are still enjoying stumbling across these miniature paper scenes and we are sure you will love them too.

We have compiled our second collection of Pablo's work here which we have photographed in the last few weeks in and around the streets of East London, take a look below.

Amazing Miniature street art by Mexican Street artist Pablo Delgado

The artist adds black hand painted shadows direct onto the pavement adding another dimension to the tiny street art pieces.

Amazing Miniature street art by Mexican Street artist Pablo Delgado
Pablo DelgadoPablo Delgado

So we know there are quite a few street scenes we have missed and have yet to stumble upon, if you know where they are, let us know?

Our first photographic collection of the artist's work can be viewed on the blog in this Pablo Delgado blog post here. You can also read an interview with Pablo Delgado over on online magazine Don't Panic.

Amazing Miniature street art by Mexican Street artist Pablo Delgado

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Pablo Delgado hits the street of London.
Amazing Miniature Street Art by Mexican artist Pablo Delgado
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Damon Hatcher said...

It's been there a while now but there's one at the corner of Phipp street and Gatesborough street EC2A.  The shadows are mostly worn off in the weather though.

hookedblog said...

Thanks Damon, we will go and check it out.

Richard Giddings said...

There's on on the Corner of Redchurch St and Club Row (E2 7dj)

Matteo said...

There was one in Tesco area on Hackney Road, next to Columbia Market, if it's not there anymore I probably have a picture somewhere.

Siller13 said...


hookedblog said...

We have update the images on flickr and added some of the street names should you wish to go and find them yourself!

And thanks to everyone who has suggest some of the other locations we haven't seen yet.

Harrison Cronbi said...

Is this one of his?  Looks like a similar style:

hookedblog said...

Great shot Harrison, and yes that is defiantly one of Pablo's pieces

Cheeky Rabs said...

what materials does he use???

hookedblog said...

They are pasted up images which have been hand painted. The artist then paints the shadows on the pavements using black paint

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