Pablo Delgado — Miniature Street Art

Pablo DelgadoThe last few months have seen the streets of East London populated with a whole series of miniature doorways installed by a mystery artist. Despite some iniatial confusion over the artists name as to Pedro or Pablo, the work has now been credited to Mexican street artist Pablo Delgado. These tiny photocopied pasted-up doorways appeared to be hand coloured and were at one point popping up around Shoreditch faster than people could photograph them.

"I started downloading images of doors from around the world and I worked with them and pasted them on to some walls," he says in this interview with The Guardian. "It began because I felt claustrophobic at home. I live in a small place and see doors as an exit to a different world. These little doors give you more space for your imagination, the chance to wonder what's behind them."

Miniature Street Scenes

In recent weeks the artist has continued installing miniature works but has moved on from the little doors and has starting creating tiny street scenes featuring a collection of various characters, objects and animals from pimps to sex workers, Royal Guards to Jack The Ripper and a man walking a giraffe. Again these miniature pieces all only inches high have been hand-coloured and pasted up with the clever addition of matching shadows painted directly onto the pavement with black paint. There is a great sense of fun to these pieces and they continue to bring a smile to our faces when we stumble upon a new one. Here are a few of our favorites street scenes from the artist that we were fortunate enough to discover.

Pablo Delgado
Pablo Delgado

Pablo Delgado

Pablo Delgado

Pablo Delgado

Pablo Delgado

Pablo Delgado

Due to the ephemeral nature of wheatpasted street art many of the pieces featured in this post have been weathered and aged by the elements and for most part all that remains visible of the works are the painted shadows on the street. Check out some of the artists other street pieces in this second post on Pablo Delgado's London street art work.

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Surename Here said...

 i love this very much!

Jude H said...

i'd love to see these at the weekend. is there anyway to find out which road i can find them on?

Hilaryhunt2 said...

Wow, I think they're amazing :) x

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