Malarky hits Newcastle

Hookedblog favorite Malarky has been in Newcastle over the weekend hitting up this huge wall between the Baltic and the Sage on Newcastle Quayside. Thanks to Malarky and Ben for the pictures.

In other Malarky news the artist will be at High Roller Society gallery for 2 hours to show you the wondrous ways of GOCCO printing. Malarky will be creating a New Edition of prints that will be released on Saturday and sold for a magical £10 to those attending the demonstration. It's also your last chance to see the artists Summer Breeze joint exhibition with Billy. The live printing takes place saturday 2 July 2011, 14.00 — 16.00pm. Should be a fun afternoon and we can't wait to see the GOCCO in action.


Images courtesy of Malarky and Ben Broome



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