Phlegms — Smoking Art Fags

Street Artists Phlegm and Kid Acne mural in Sheffield

Last month saw Kid Acne reclaim a large scale wall in Sheffield with one of his giant 'Art Fags' (see pictures below) having previously painted the spot perched high on a hill overlooking the city with a 'Stick To The Plan' piece.

With the white wall of the 'Art Fag' making an ideal canvas, it is inevitable that the piece will soon get hit up by local writers and taggers and with that in mind Sheffield, based artist Phlegm decided to contribute to the pieces before it's tagged over completly. The photo above shows Phlegms additions to Kid Acne's 'Art Fag', a cluster of his black and white houses painted in such a way that from the distance they look like the ash of a burning cigarette.

Street Artists Phlegm and Kid Acne mural in Sheffield

Photos via Phlegm and Kid Acne
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