London Street Art — 14

It's Friday so here is another selection of London Street Art we at Hookedblog have snapped over the last few days in East London.

We are still finding lots of these wonderful miniature doorways pasted around various side streets of East London. We have no idea who the artist is, if anyone knows please let us know.

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Evan said...

do you know who did the top piece? there's another one on Hanbury across from the Stik piece.

Minimal Street Art said...

I love the doorways. they gave me inspiration for my last piece I made. Check it out at if you also like doorways

hookedblog said...

Thanks Even we have spotted the one on Hanbury Street as well. Not sure who is going them yet. There is also another on the old Shoreditch Station.

SLW said...

Gary from the alternative london tour knows the name of this artist. I think he is mexican but i might be wrong because he told us lots of stuff that tour.