Sweet Toof Stops The Press

For all you Sweet Toof fans out there, word has reached us that the artist is customising an undisclosed number of 'Metro' newspapers in London and is redistributing them to the public today the 11 January!

For those of you in London you will know that the Metro is the free newspaper given out at underground tube stations, so we suggest get riding the trains and go hunting for your free Sweet Toof issue.

The intervention has been done to coincide with the launch of Sweet Toof's new gallery exhibition in London which opens this evening Tuesday 11 January. The exhibition is at Arch 402 Gallery, Cremer Street, London E2 and will run from 12 January to the 3 February.
Happy hunting and if anyone finds any we would love to see some more pictures. Good luck people.



Anonymous said...

my VERY VERY lucky day! see pics
i also see there's one on ebay, but that's nothing to do with me

hookedblog said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures and great to hear one of our readers managed to get a copy.

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