Roa Street Art - Save The Rabbit

We were first made aware of Hackney Councils plans to remove the Roa street art  rabbit piece on Hackney Road late last week when a journalist from The Guardian got in touch with us about the piece. The Guardian have run a story in todays paper about this Roa street art piece.

The rabbit / hare pictured above was commissioned by Premises Studios, the building owners over a year ago, but Hackney Council have now issued them with a removal notice, as the piece conflicts with the boroughs graffiti policy.

If you want to help SAVE THE RABBIT, an online petition has been set up to save this Roa street art piece. You can add your name to it and also have your say by leaving a comment. And for those of you on Twitter help spread the word and use #savetherabbit.

UPDATE: Building owner Julia Craik has sent us the latest news on the Roa SAVE THE RABBIT fight. You can read about it on their website.



Anonymous said...

Fuck the rabbit. Fuck legal pieces. Do your work illegally and take your chances like everyone else.

Anonymous said...

A large number of Roa's pieces are painted illegally, it just happens that this piece had permission and is much loved by the local community hence the huge campaign and petition to have it saved.

Anonymous said...

Can we see examples of his paintings that are illegal that aren't tucked away in the middle of nowhere then?

Anonymous said...

Jesus some writers are d**ks. If Roa had just done a tag or throwie like you do then no one would be bothered about saving it.

Even if he had painted it on a new big met you'd probably be saying that he was encroaching on your space.

Anonymous said...

i just dont get it
the guy paints the most boring, badly drawn animals i've seen in ages... U.G.L.Y., the kid ain't got no alibi

i'd rather sign a petition to remove all roa pieces: make room for actual artists

maybe it's me... i guess it's an artfag-thing

PS fuck ROA