King Robbo vs Banksy Round Two!

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Looks like King Robbo and Team Robbo are not finished with Banksy's Camden stencil pieces just yet! Unless you have been hiding under a rock the last few weeks you will all know what this beef is about, if you missed it then read more about it here. Also worth a read is this Banksy vs King Robbo piece written by Nolionsinengland over on the Graffoto blog here.

Photo ©louisberk



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

grow up..

Anonymous said...

What a lame response, if it was the robbo team, they suck and they remind me of the old farts back in the 80`s talking about vandalism on their walls, Banksy altered that piece because it was needed and i`ll adventure to say team robbo is no other than him, playing with narrow minded reactions. Anyway Banksy will rule the earth longer than anyone remember the robbo name.

NoLionsInEngland said...

M - Hope you don't mind me mentioning that the older story is described in full here:

Thanks for the flick link on your post, I was wondering this morning where the revived interest in that news had come from and its almost entirely a HUGE number from your blog.

Cheers D.

Kosmograd said...

Looks like Robbo's done another one - I noticed this today on my local Banksy on Farringdon Road.

Box master said... TEAM ROBBO SOUTH AFRICA. sponsored by banksy!! lol

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