Banksy's New work in Utah

Banksy_hookedblogSo the blog world has been buzzing the last two days with news and rummors of what were believed to be new Banksy pieces which were appearing in Park City, Utah, where the annual Sundance Film Festival starts today Thursday 21st. The new work has now been confirmed with Banksy having updated his own website and featuring photos of the new work. Six new pieces of work have been confirmed so far, all of which can be seen over on his website.

Photos: ©Banksy



Roger Whiting said...

Really? Do we all have to drool over a criminal?

Canonfodder said...

I don't think people drool over him, but Nelson Mandela was a criminal... and people seem to hang on his word now. Not saying they parallel each other but there are similarities.

One mans freedom fighter is another mans terrorist. that sort of thing. And he is getting across political and ethical questions across in the pieces he creates.