Dalston Banksy Trashed

Banksy, by invisiblemadevisible
We headed up to Dalston's Gillett Square today, to snap one of the newest Banksy stencils.

Having being up on the streets of East London for less than a week this is what we found this afternoon. The piece had been tagged up with " God, Love, Not Money"

Hackney Co-operative Developments, who owns the leasehold of the building, were set to take legal action to stop the council cleaning it off. It is now very likely that this will now be removed now that its been tagged up. While this must be one of the shortest lived Banksy street pieces, some are happy to see it tagged up rather than it end up behind some perspex sheet.



Anonymous said...

hackney squatters, more than likly

Anonymous said...

thank god. this one was below par for banksy. the idea was pretty lame.

antwOn said...

The past 4 years of banksy art have been sub par for his early brilliance, hes not trying any more...

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