D*FACE - Apopcalypse Now

aPOPcalypse Now is the new D*Face show also opening tonight, Thursday 2nd October. Black Rat Press Gallery felt that the show was so special they decieded to hold it at secret location which was reveal earlier this week. The show will take place across the street from the current gallery space in a new space at 89a Rivington Street.

D*Face, has created an entirely new body of work for this show. Work that, while still recognisably D*Face, shows a marked stylistic departure.

Black Rat Press will be releasing two prints to go with the show. The first one a seventeen colour screenprint with etched background. This print will only be available to those attending the opening night.

The second print was released earlier today via the Black Rat Press website and is now sold out.

In D*Face's own words: “My work reflects our popular culture encompassing the American dream and the ideal of good triumphing over evil, no longer relevant in today's society where the 'invade now and ask questions later' philosophy isn't tolerated or indeed wanted. Colliding cultures are no longer receptive to the American way, the Superhero's triumph of good over evil as portrayed through the political circus is now decoded through the eyes of different cultures, weary and wary of the sub-plot played in today’s political climate where war equals brand invasion”.

Black Rat Press | 89a Rivington Street | London
Preview 2nd October 6pm - 9pm.(Invite's are need for this show)
Please note the Part 1 of the show will only be open on Thursday 2nd 6pm - 9pm, Friday 3rd October 10am - 6pm, Saturday 4th October11am - 4pm and Sunday 5th October 11am - 4pm.



Solaris100///Control///Centre said...

Ahhhh can't believe I missed this! Bugger... gotta check it out this weekend!

Ian France said...
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Ian France said...

DFace makes some pretty awesome stuff - the one of the statue of liberty clown face is my favorite.


In a time when the next vice president of the most powerful nation on earth is likely to be that idiot Palin (God Help Us) Mr Politics*Face is prattling on about "Brand Invasion", little realising he IS a brand! Making product and spreading his logo over the world. Does he even see the irony?
He isn't interested in making a statement or doing something for the good of the world with his art, as this whole political stance pretends, he's just trying to look edgy coz you suckers lap it up!
it's short sighted. sure, he'll be able to send his daughter to private school with the cash from shifting thousands of screen prints, but there sure as shit ain't gonna be much of a planet left for HER daughter to live on.

it's a damn shame that someone with so much power to make a statement and be listened to by his legions of fans makes such empty statements.

jeez... actually, now I think about it, that is actually really depressing. He really DOES have the power to put a message into peoples brains and what does he come up with? Superman with wings coming out of his head. what a waste

love him or hate him, you just can't ignore him.
now if only he had something to say...

and yes, I am posting this under my real name. hate mail to the usual address




she is primed to be the most powerful woman on this planet. all that I can hope is that you'll watch this video and then email ALL your American friends and beg them not to vote for McCain

and while you're at it, tell them to register to vote!!!

all I can hope is that your love for D*Face made you stumble on this link, and through you he will actually make a difference in this world, will actually do something important, and that his pseudo-political gibberish will result in positive change on something other than his bank balance


Anonymous said...

Poor old Dave the Chimp :(
If he doesn't produce anything half decent by the age of 30 he should call it a day and let talents like D Face show him what he is doing wrong with his life.
Quit the hating Dave and focus on your own work!


produce nothing decent? take a look at my site anonymous, and if you delve deep you'll see the pieces that influenced "Dean's" flying dog character. He obviously deemed my work 'decent' enough to take influence from!
infact, take a look at Shepard Fairey's whole idea of phemenology and you'll see what influenced "Dean's" whole career
look not to hard and see smoking cars (courtesy of Barry McGee), concrete sculptures in the streets (heard of Banksy?) famous people with half-skull faces (Paul Insect) use of images of the Queen and union jack (Jamie Reid)
can't you people see? with eyes attached to a brain rather than wallet?

I'm not hating because I suck - I'm disapointed that someone who makes out they are political is actually just a business man
and worse, a business man who claims to be an artist
one who yaps on about how evil brands are, but has created one of the most prominant 'street art' brands in existence - or didn't you realise that the flying dog is a logo he puts on everything?

but what offends me most is not Richard Hennings, sorry, "Dean's", work or bullshit political stand point, it's the fact so many idiots buy into it without actually stopping to think about what he's doing and saying.
it makes me sad for the world that so many people are stupid.

right, gonna go back to not producing anything decent now. thanks 'anon' you brave soul

Anonymous said...

I think poor OLD Dave is a bit jealous of D Face's success and talent. Why else would a fellow artist waste so much time with all these negative comments.
Dface is one of the top 5 street artists in the world.
Accept it!