Headed down yesterday to Soho square on my lunch break to watch all the people scrambling around soho square looking in the trees and bins for the Gnomes!! Was well funny. Bumped into my mate Goldtooth and Pure Evil and got to see the army of Gnomes before they were put out on the square.

As the Firetrap people were running late with the gnome hunt and crowds of people had gathered in soho square there was no way they were gonna be able to drop them in the square with out being seen. It was decided they would make a dash with the gnomes - I along with the others in the club were given 2 each and we all legged it to soho square with cameras following. I was almost floored by three ladies attempting to grab the gnomes from my arms!! All good fun and made for an interesting lunch. Here are a few photos of the Gnones before the madness.



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