LA illustrator and printmaker Olive47 who is currently based in London doing an MA in printmaking has just released 6 new prints for sale via her online shop. The screenprints are big at 50cm x 70cm on Fabriano 285 gsm. All the large prints are edition limited to 10. As well as the large prints there are a selection of new print gocco for you people who like small things.



NoLionsInEngland said...

What's a gocco?

hookedblog said...

what is gocco?
in the 1970's noboru hayama, a printer and the japanese inventor of the "print gocco" system, wished to develop a quick and easy household color printing system. cleverly combining the basic priciples of screenprinting and rubber-stamping, "print gocco" is a clean, easy, and fully self-contained compact system that exposes and prints all in one unit. using flash bulbs similar to those found in old cameras, an original image is thermally imprinted on a master screen. next, colorful prints are made by pressing the ink-applied master screen against a sheet of paper placed on a sponge pad.

the simplicity in making a screen, and the low cost of production makes the gocco system attractive to professional screenprinters, artists, and designers, and enables even a complete novice to begin printing immediately.

the name "print gocco" is derived from the japanese word and concept "gocco", loosely translated as a type of make-believe play used to learn common rules and knowledge. mr. hayama says: "this "gocco" play is a source of intellectual education and it's spirit is, i believe, an important national heritage. therefore, i decided to use the word gocco as part of this product name."

hookedblog said...

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