New Antony Micallef Lithographs

The much anticipated London release of Antony Micallef's lithographs is only days away.

The four lithographs will be released for purchase on Wednesday 19th September 2007 and can only be bought in person from the Lazarides gallery at 8 Greek Street, London. The gallery will open from 9 am - 6 pm that day.

The Lazarides gallery in London will be selling 200 of each lithograph, the rest will be sold during the Micallef show Impure Idols, which will take place in Los Angeles, USA, from the 19th - 29th September 2007.

All four prints can be viewed over on the Lazarides website here.

LAZARIDES | No 8, Greek Street | Soho, London


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Anonymous said...

A brief commment on Micallef's recent offerings: Based on price, the edition size of 400 for Micallef's latest four prints is a stretch, to say the least. If 1600 are to be sold, Why not offer 8 prints in editions of 100 each? Apparently that would have been too much work for the artist to have expended in order to bring in the 1600000 GBPs that was realized. Talk about crass commercialism....

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