This thursday StolenSpace present a new exhibition titled 'Trophy', featuring works by Kirsty Whiten.

These trophies are talismans, votive icons, pervy trinkets and fancy goods. They are objects to focus yearning, wishes and prayers for a justified fingering.……A collection of anthropological relics describing sacred sexual practices has been discovered…. A group of socially inept individuals eager to lose their inhibitions try to enact the rituals of a carnal tradition long disappeared….

There’s always been an element of reverence in Kirsty Whiten’s distinctive drawings, in the attention to detail and careful, time-consuming rendering of her peculiar subjects. With this series of ‘Votive Icons’ she takes her sharpened, reverent pencil and puts it to more literal use; creating objects to celebrate intimate touches; masturbation and fisting, in beautifully detailed drawings and sculptures with a twist.

StolenSpace Gallery | Dray Walk, The Old Truman Brewery | London
opens 6.30pm - 9.30pm 26th July closes 19th August


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Recoat Gallery said...

Hey, if you're into Kirsty's work, you might be into the back-catalogue show we've got on at the moment. On the 30th November 2007 all 16 pieces will be auctioned off at a live event. Imagine alot of folks reading this might not be near Glasgow, but you can email and phone in your bids to the gallery either before or during the event if you're not. Check out the work at: