TWO FACED Exhibition

The newest project from WIWP and set to drop sometime in September sounds like a fantastic idea. The project will consist of over 100 of the most talented and influential creatives of the last decade creating portaits of the creatives they have been paired with.

Some people involved in the project will include: Trevor Jackson, Rankin, Kinsey, Wayne Hemminyway, Joshua Davis, Eboy, Jasper Goodall, Matt Sewell and so on.

Check the TWO FACED website to view the entire list of creatives taking part in this project.



Anonymous said...

hahaha that's the funniest thing I have seen all week
why do people make these books?

Anonymous said...

hmmm weird!
If this is the funniest thing u have seen all week, then there is a strong case you should get out more!! Read more books, watch more tv...anything!

This concept seems pretty sound to me! Seen as portraiture has played a big part in art history, why is it so funny that they have asked modern day pioneers to bring the format up to date and experiment with portraiture themselves! Do you have anything to go with this comment? Stuff you do like, why you find it so funny! Or are we left with the first comment that came into your head, inbetween your fits of laughter?