Sneaker Freaker Book

For all you sneaker heads out there the 7 issue of Snkr Frkr magazine is about to drop in the next few days.

As well as issue seven the guys from down unda are also set to release the book titled yes you guessed it 'Sneaker Freaker - The Book'. The book is set to be like a greatest hits of issues 1-6 plus some new stuff.

The book is set to go on sale on their website very soon, and will be available in most good bookshops shortly after. Keep checking the website if you want to get your mitts on a copy.




Anonymous said...

Not sure my liver will survive another launch party...

Anonymous said...

A copy of SNEAKER FREAKER ISSUE 1 is currently up for auction on ebay - auction ends in 6 days.
Check it out!!!

Anonymous said...

Anyone know how much that copy of Sneaker Freaker Issue 1 went for??

Anonymous said...

there's another issue 1 on there now 25/2/2010
check too!