A recent regular on the site London based artist AntCarver (Previously on Hookedblog) has been hitting the streets of East London of late with a some vibrant street art portrait pasteups the most recent of which we featured recently in this post 'Striking new street art by Ant Carver in Shoreditch, London'.

Alongside the series of recently featured street art paste ups he created in his studio, AntCarver has taken to streets to paint number of murals including a recent piece in Camden. The last week has seen the artist in Shoreditch working on not one but four new murals simultaneously across the four panels of the Shoreditch Art Wall on Great Eastern Street in East London. Each of the four murals feature portraits of international models which include Cindy Mello, Grace Hodge, Giannina Oteto and Meghan Lall.

The four panels of the Shoreditch Art Wall on Great Eastern Street.

Following a number of days creating the backgrounds for the works, Antcarver set about focusing on the details in the models eyes.



The face of Meghna Lall, Canadian model and Fine Art Student at Central Saint Martins, based on a photograph shot by photographer Stephen Gunn.



In this panel the first of the four completed panels features the face of Kenyan model Giannina Oteto and is based on a photograph by Adriaan Louw.

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The face of model Grace Hodge and the third panel to be completed.


The final panel completed on Sunday 2nd April and featuring the face of Brazilian model Cindy Mello.


All four completed portraits by AntCarver on the the Shoreditch Art Wall panels. Unfortunately after a weeks work by the artist the murals are set to be replaced as early as Monday with something new so if you want want to see the work in person we suggest sooner than later for a visit.

AntCarver on Instagram — @antcarver

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