Our summer visit to New York this year saw us catch up with the one and only Daniel Albanese aka The Dusty Rebel. Albanese is a New York based photography who we first met in person back in 2015 while we were working in New York documenting the work of Berlin based artist Vermibus and his Unveiling Beauty Project.(Previously on Hookedblog).

We have been following The Dusty Rebel website online for a number of years as it is where Albanese posts his daily photos covering various subjects including New York Street Art and it was great to catch up with him in person again on this visit. While we were in New York we also were fortunate enough to catch up with another street art photographer, also called Daniel or Halopigg as he is better know on Instagram. Based in Brooklyn, Halopigg gave us a tour of his neighbourhood while we were in town and we have previously shared some of the street art we saw in this post: Bushwick Street Art Tour with Halopigg.

Having seen some of the street art in Bushwick we wanted to see what was going down in Manhattan and when it comes to what’s happening in and around the streets of Soho for street art there was no one better equipped to take us on a quick tour of this part of New York than Albanese. Luckily for us he had some free time and we caught with him one evening for a quick tour of Soho. One of the artists work we were shown on the street was that of New York based artist Robert Janz. We recognised the style of the work and we are sure we have seen some of his work before on the New York streets but we were not aware who the artist was. Albanese shared with us that Robert Janz is very active on the streets installing works almost daily and to our knowledge at the age of 82 is probably the oldest artist working outdoors in the streets!

Once again Albanese has tipped us off as to a London visit by Robert Janz, who will travel to London for an exhibition of his work at the ArtBookArt Shop on Pitfield Street in East London. The event flyer suggests there will be some live water painting by Janz which we are very much looking forward to along with some readings.

"My street drawings are particularly swift to vanish. Like us, they soon survive only in photographs." — Robert Janz

Above is a trailer for a documentary about Robert Janz and his art and working in the street, we are not sure if the final film has been finished yet, if anyone has details on this let us know.

Exhibition Details 
Location: ArtBookArt Shop, 17 Pitfield St, London N1 6HB
Exhibition: 20th October 3pm — 8pm

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