Street artist Remi Rough Marrakech Street Art Murals. Photo ©Hookedblog

Earlier this year we were fortunate enough to be invited to Marrakech for a visit by the Morrocco Tourist board. Our visit to the Red City, a first for us happened to coincide with the 6th edition of the Marrakech Biennale. On our arrival in the city we learned of the MB6 Street Art project (Previously on Hookedblog) which was also happening across city during the Biennale.

The MB6 Street Art project was one of the parallel Biennale projects curated by Vestalia Chilton of ATTOLLO Art which saw eleven international and local street artists invited to bring street art to Marrakech's walls for the first time. One of those artists invited to participate in the project was South London based artist Remi Rough (Previously on Hookedblog). Work had finished on his mural when we landed but we did get to catch up with him for some beers while we were in Marrakech and he pointed us in the direction of his work for us to capture some images of his contribution to the project pictured here.

Street artist Remi Rough Marrakech Street Art Murals. Photo ©HookedblogStreet artist Remi Rough Marrakech Street Art Murals. Photo ©Hookedblog

Closeup shots of Remi Rough's Mural. MB6 Street Art. Marrakech 2016.

  Street artist Remi Rough and LXONE Marrakech Street Art Murals. Photo ©Hookedblog

Remi Rough. MB6 Street Art. Marrakech 2016.
Views of the entire Marrakech wall which also features work from artist LXOne.

Descensions Print Release

Back in London and Remi Rough has partnered up with East London Gallery Nelly Duff with plans to release an editioned screenprint titled 'Descension’ based on this iconic Marrakech Mural. Production of the screen print is well underway and Nelly Duff have shared with us a short film below of the print in production at the screen printers.


‘Descension’ will be released on Tuesday 30th August 2016. Please contact Nelly Duff to be added to the waiting list for the edition or stop by their website.

Remi Rough on Instagram — @Remirough

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