Felipe Pantone Paints A Mural in Shoreditch, London

Last year while we were visiting Malaga, Spain for the opening of the D*Face and Shephard Fairy retrospective shows presented by CAC Malaga Museum at the Centro De Arte Contemporaneo De M├ílaga, we were also lucky to catch the work of Felipe Pantone.

Artist Felipe Pantone

Currently based in Valencia, Spain, we have long been admirers of the artist's work, having followed what he has been doing online via his Felipe Pantone Instagram Account

As part of the MAUS MALAGA festival which was also taking place in the city while we were in town, Pantone had painted a number of works and for us, it was the first time we got to see his vibrant work in person.
For our readers who might not be familiar with Pantone's work, we would suggest you take 5 minutes to watch this Portrait of an Artist film below, directed and edited by Selina Miles, and get up to speed on the artist's work.

Felipe Pantone Mural In London

This afternoon we ran into Felipe Pantone who is in London ahead of his new solo show ‘Data Somersault’ at Stolen Space Gallery which opens with a private view, Thursday 2nd June 2016. His vibrant graphic style is at the forefront of the street and urban contemporary art. With his strong color palette, sharp edges, and bold black-and-white shapes, his work draws you into his own dynamic aesthetic.

Of the new body of work for his show Pantone says; “I keep on with my quest for immediacy, connection, quick transition, travel, and technological advancement. We live in exciting times where everything passes in front of our eyes at the speed of a glance, and much becomes data that relentlessly fills cyberspace. This series of works challenges me to find solutions, put ideas in order, and solve graphic mysteries, all of which take me closer to belonging to the times that we live in.”


Felipe Pantone at work Painting A Mural in Shoreditch, London

Felipe Pantone at work Painting A Mural in Shoreditch, London

Felipe Pantone at work Painting A Mural in Shoreditch, London

With the gallery dealing with the hanging of his new collection of work, Pantone took some time to hit the streets of East London, and with a wall secured to paint next to Rebels Alliance on Sclater Street, he spent the day battling the wind and unseasonably cold weather even for London attempting to finish the wall.
Hookedblog was there to capture the action and we have shared a selection of images of the artist at work below. As is often the case with such a busy street as Sclater Street there are always cars parked in front of the walls so a clean shot of the final wall is to follow!

Felipe Pantone at work Painting A Mural in Shoreditch, London

 The finished Felipe Pantone London mural was painted on Sclater Street, London. Always cars in the way of the finished shot on this street!!

Finally, we managed to capture a clear shot of this Felipe Pantone London wall without any cars parked in front of this vibrant new mural.

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