Grafuturism exhibition by artist Bartek Swiatecki AKA Pener at The Book Club, London

Hookedblog last caught up with Polish artist Bartek Świątecki AKA Pener's back in 2013 when we were invited up to a secret Cambridge countryside location, to hang out and take some photographs. 

Bartek Swiatecki's Grafuturism exhibition

The event organized by Propa Stuff (Previously on Hookedblog) saw Pener and 14 other street artists from six different countries invited to the UK to spend the weekend creating, collaborating, and hanging out in the countryside location.

Some three years later Pener is returning to the UK for the debut London exhibition, ‘Balance’, which is set to open on Wednesday 23rd of March. 

The exhibition will feature a collection of Pener’s new series of conceptual abstract and deconstructive canvas, showcasing hyper-bright works based on geo-elements with details, colour transitions, and fluid compositions. 

Underpinned by a constant futuristic movement, harmony, and transparent shapes combine to dramatic effect including a large mural due to be painted both inside and outside the venue.

Grafuturism exhibition by artist Bartek Swiatecki AKA Pener at The Book Club, LondonGrafuturism exhibition by artist Bartek Swiatecki AKA Pener at The Book Club, London

"After years of being a graffiti artist, and limited to lettering, Pener built his visual language into something universally communicative. Developing the alphabet into surfaces, words became unpredictable shapes created with bright colors and sharp lines. 

While his work can be seen as a magnified element of wild-style graffiti, upon closer examination they are much more than that. Through the use of clean lines, transparency of spray paint drips, and splatters, his works are focusing the energy and rawness of graffiti onto a smaller format. 

The new genre under which his work fits is ‘Graffuturism’, and this series of work titled ‘Cosmogramma’ refers to the very moment when Bartek abandoned classical graffiti and started his individual search for the essence of style."

balance - grafuturism exhibition By Bartek Świątecki AKA Pener at The Book Club launches Wednesday 23rd March 2016 at 6pm and will run until May 22nd 2016.

The Book Club, 100-106 Leonard Street, London, EC2A 4RH.

Photographs featured in this post were taken in July 2013. The balance - grafuturism exhibition has been directed and curated by Liat Chen.

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