Broken Fingaz Crew, London Street Art Mural on Redchurch Street

It's been some time since we caught up with the Israeli collective Broken Fingaz Crew, from what we have been seeing on the streets in and around Hackney Wick, crew member Unga appears to have passed through the Wick recently adding some smaller street pieces to the area. Hailing from Haifa in Northern Israel, the collective was formed in 2001.

Israeli street artists Broken Fingaz Crew in London

Unga and fellow crew member Deso have been in the UK the last few days working on a large commission piece in Manchester. With some time in London before they fly back to Israel, the two artists took a stroll around Shoreditch yesterday afternoon looking for a spot to paint.

Locating a spot on Redchurch Street in East London the two artists set about creating a new mural that featured some of the Broken Fingaz crews signature styles, a combination of letters/ symbols, characters, and pattern work all brought together to give the finished mural an almost vintage sign look, like those often found in junk shops.

Their latest creation is a little more family-friendly, a PG rating if you will unlike some of there previous X-Rated Super Sex London murals. The first of the two included a naked woman with a panda (covered here) which raised some eyebrows among the local residents and another featured some acrobatic motorbike skeleton sex with another naked lady (covered here).

Working late into the evening the duo managed to finish the mural last night, impressive considering the time scale they had, and unlike the previous two murals mentioned which were both black and white pieces, this one is a full-colour mural. As to what the text reads we have no idea, perhaps one of our readers can help with that!

Broken Fingaz Crew, London Street Art Mural on Redchurch Street

Broken Fingaz Crew sketching up the work on Redchurch Street, London.

Broken Fingaz Crew, London Street Art Mural on Redchurch Street 

Crew members UNGA and DESO at work.

Broken Fingaz Crew, London Street Art Mural on Redchurch Street

The mural was painted on Tuesday 9th February 2016 and can be located on Red Church Street in East London, UK.

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