Goodchild mural painted on Redchurch Street in London

We have been following the work of illustrator slash graffiti artist Goodchild for some time now via the artist Goodchild instagram account feed and of course, via the occasional street pieces, we have been fortunate enough to catch.

Over the holidays the artist passed through Shoreditch hitting up a couple of walls on his visit, some of which have since been painted over by other artists' works before we could photograph all of them. We were lucky enough to catch the piece pictured by the artist, located at the still shabby end of Red Church Street in East London.

Originally from Bristol where he grew up with the cities rich graffiti scene, Goodchild is now based in London after he moved here to study illustration. 2015 would appear to have been a very productive year for Goodchild, what with murals, rooftops, trains, Paris Subways, and cars!

The artist has shared this great video with us showcasing what he’s been into over the last year. Check out the video below and keep an eye on this artist, we look forward to seeing more in 2016.

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