Berlin Street Art - Adbusting with artist Vermibus

On a recent visit to Berlin Hookedblog was lucky that our trip coincided with the grand opening of Open Walls Berlin's new gallery space. 

Artist Vermibus in Berlin

Previously based in Stattbad, the gallery has relocated to their new home in the heart of Berlin at Schröderstrasse 11. Following a delayed flight from London, we arrived in Berlin on a warm summer evening just in time to catch the preview of the gallery's new joint exhibition titled 'Grand Opening', which featured the work of New York-based Public Art pioneer Jordan Seiler together with European art activist Vermibus.

We first met Vermibus a few years back when he attended the 2012 edition of the Moniker Art Fair in London with Guillaume Valentin and Elodie Bellanger of Open Walls Berlin. 

It was during this London visit we were lucky enough to accompany Vermibus on one of his nighttime adbusting missions which saw him installing a number of works across the city including the piece pictured below.

London Street Art - Adbusting with artist Vermibus

We ran into the artist again earlier this year at the BSA edition of the Urban Nation in Berlin and were happy on this return visit to the city to be able to catch up once again with Vermibus as well as met New York-based public space artist Jordan Seiler.

After a few drinks, while checking the new space and exhibition, we joined both artists as they took a short break from their show to hit the streets. 

Taking over a bus shelter in the neighborhood, the two artists unlocked the lightboxes, removed the adverts, and replaced the posters with their art before heading back to their exhibition opening.

Berlin Street Art - Adbusting with artist Jordan Seiler

New York-based artist Jordan Seiler opening up one of the Berlin bus stop adshells to swap out the advertisements with art.

Berlin Street Art - Adbusting with artist Vermibus at night

Berlin Street Art - Adbusting with artist Vermibus and Jordan Seiler

Artists Vermibus and Jordan Seiler on the streets of Berlin removing the advertising posters from one of the Berlin bus adshells.

Artist Vermibus Unveiling Beauty Project

With this season's Fashion Weeks fast approaching, Vermibus shared details with us of his next big project 'Unveiling Beauty' which will see him follow the route of the most influential Fashion Weeks, traveling to New York, London, Milan, and Paris. 

He will analyze and reveal the true beauty that lies hidden behind the various campaigns that are forced upon the public spaces of these cities.

Vermibus has created a short trailer online to promote this upcoming project Unveiling Beauty, which will see him reflect on the use of the body, and on standards of beauty imposed from above, within the framework of the Fashion Week circuit, via a new series of public interventions. 

Unveiling Beauty, as the name suggests, reveals the beauty that lies hidden behind the make-up and the retouching that is used within the fashion industry and also as it publicly stages itself through advertising.


The Unveiling Beauty project will run throughout September across four cities. Be sure and keep your eyes peeled for Vermibus's public interventions should you find yourself in any of the four cities New York, London, Milan, and Paris during their fashion weeks.

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