International street artist Rone was recently in London again. The Melbourne based artist was flown into town to work on a new bespoke interior mural, commissioned by South London restaurant MOMMI, a Japanese-Latin Raw Bar + Grill which is set to open towards the end of the month. 

Hookedblog were invited over to the new space to check out the mural the artist had created for the venue. On arrival at their Clapham High Street space we discovered Rone just finishing up his mural in amongst an army of construction workers who were busily working away on the interior all around him. There was still a considerable amount of work to be done on the inside of this new restaurant when we visited in early May. This is clearly evident from some of our photos included in the post, cables hanging from the ceiling, fixtures and fitting yet to be installed. Rone's mural created in amongst all this choas is a mix of old and new styles from the artist, featuring large scale screen printed posters layered up onto the wall to create a textured repeat patterned background. Over the screen printed posters Rone hand painted one of his signature stylised female beauties, who was photographed by the artist to use in this mural.


We have yet to see Rone's mural in the finished space, which will also be joined by an exclusive collection of photographs by famed photographer Ben Watts, brother of actress Naomi Watts. His collection of his bold, bright and vivacious images will  be on display throughout the restaurant. If their taste in art is anything to go by we imagine the interior and food at this new restaurant will be equally excellent. MOMMI is now open, check their Mommi website for more info and should you want to see the entire process Mommi have put together this short video interview with Rone which also included footage of him at work on the commissioned mural. Check out the clip below.


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