Artist David Shillinglaw's Dance of 1000 Faces Book

Returning from extended travel it's always nice to get back to London to find some packages that have been delivered while we were away and are waiting to be opened. One of these surprise packages included a new publication from Margate-based artist David Shillinglaw.

Artist David Shillinglaw's Book

Published by Unicorn Press, Shillinglaw's new book titled The Dance of 1000 Faces celebrates the artwork and the adventures of the artist and features a collection of sketchbook drawings, photography from his recent travels as well as a number of murals he has painted on these trips across Europe and beyond.

Artist David Shillinglaw's Dance of 1000 Faces BookArtist David Shillinglaw's Dance of 1000 Faces Book

“The faces and figures I draw, especially the journal drawings, are mirrors of myself and of those around me. My friends, people walking down the street, or people in the news. The content and forms shifts every day; bending and contorting like reflections in a hall of mirrors. 

The faces and figures are a portrait of every man and every woman, sexless, ageless, generic, colorless, multi- coloured, two-faced, grimacing, gurning and grinning, all in constant flux.”

Artist David Shillinglaw's Dance of 1000 Faces Book

The book has now been released and is available to order directly from the publisher online or from Amazon here, although the publisher seems to have it on sale at a better price than amazon.

  Artist David Shillinglaw's Dance of 1000 Faces Book

The folks over at Unicorn Press have kindly offered us a copy of David's new book to give away to one of our lucky readers. 

For a chance to win a copy of this book answer the simple question below and follow the rafflecopter instructions below. Each additional step completed (Tweet, Follow etc.) will increase your chances of winning a copy. 

The competition will run for two weeks at which point one winner will be selected at random from all the entries and notified by email. The completion will close on Thursday the 9th July, Good luck!
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The winner has been notified, thanks to all who took part.

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