Hookedblog recently discovered the work of New York street artist Pyramidoracle, not on Instagram or via Facebook but outdoors actually on the street! We had stumbled across a number of hand painted pasteups from the artist the last few weeks and more recently this mural pictured here located just off Hackney Road on Ravenscroft Street.

It's refreshing and rare these days to find the work of a new artist on the street without having already seen their work online. In searching for a link for the artists website to include with the post, Hookedblog have learned that Pyramidoracle has taken up a two-week long residency at Anatum's Abode, in London. It is here that the artists has brought to life objects, paintings and site specific installations which will go on show as part of a three day only solo exhibition Pyramidoracle is staging. Presented by Londongraffiti the exhibition opens on Friday evening the 6th March.

  PyramidoraclePyramidoraclePyramidoracle Pyramidoracle

Exhibition opens 6pm, Friday the 6th March and runs until the 8th March 2015.
Anatum's Abode, 613 Commercial Road, Lodnon, E14 7NT
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