Swiss based street-artists duo Christian Rebecchi & Pablo Togni aka NEVERCREW have been working together since 1996 in the creation of paintings, sculptures, installations and murals. The last year has seen the two artists travel extensively and they have just published online a short film documenting their travels and work which saw them visit Hamburg, Dublin, Cairo, Belgrade, Berlin and Winterthur.


The video also included one of their most recent mural "Highlighting Machine n°1" painted for the most recent edition of Urban Nation in Berlin in conjunction with Project M7 “Persons Of Interest”, curated by Brooklyn Street Art. We were luck enough to be in Berlin for this edition of Urban Nation's Project M/7 and managed to catch NeverCrew's 'Highlighting Machine n°1' mural. This mural is one of several that are currently on view 24/7 on the street in Berlin. If you are in town you can find them at URBAN NATION, Bülowstraße 97, 10738 Berlin-Schöneberg, Germany.


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