Vhils street art work in Bethnal Green

We were recently invited to join a group of fellow bloggers for a stroll around East London to check out some of the street art on the streets of East London and put the Samsung Galaxy S5 camera to the test. Leaving our Canon DSLR at home on the day, each of us was given a handset for the afternoon to capture some of what we saw as we worked our way from Bethnal Green, through Brick Lane and finishing up in Shoreditch, London.

As a long time Apple and iPhone user I was curious to see how I would cope with this handset and operating system while testing the camera at the same time. Unboxing the phone I was a little taken back the size of the phone, it's nearly double the size of our existing phone, yet despite it's the larger size the phone is exceptionally light.

Set up was pretty straightforward especially if you are a user of Google products such as Gmail, google+ etc. Before setting off we downloaded Twitter and Instagram so we could share some of our finds on the day as we journey through East London.

The larger screen on the phone was really great especially when using Instagram, all the images were sharp and filled the screen and after just a few hours with the phone, it took a little getting used to the much smaller iPhone screen when we returned the handsets at the end of the afternoon. The images featured in this post were all taken on the phone, which has an impressive 16-megapixel camera.

Rao street art in bethnal green checking out the large roa mural20140712_©Mark_Rigney
20140712_13261420140712_130827 20140712_134427 20140712_13451420140712_135941

As phone cameras go we were impressed with the outcome of the pictures we captured in the afternoon. The phone is great for mobile photography if you are on the move due to it's lightweight and with speedy autofocus, it's perfect for capturing and sharing images instantly across your social networks.

Unlike our iPhone, the S5 also boasts a whole range of settings which in an afternoon we didn't really get the opportunity to put to the test, functions such as manual ISO settings up to 800, real-time HDR mode, selective focus and the option to change metering modes some of which as DSLR users we are accustomed to using. A fun afternoon and great to see some works such as the Vhils piece pictured up top which we had not seen before. 

20140712_135754 Nomadic Garden Street art and Graffiti in London

Thanks to Brittany and Anna for the invitation and also 3 Mobile and Samsung for allowing us the chance to test the camera on the phone. Shouts out to our fellow bloggers on the day,  Marcus Maschwitz , Selena The Places , The Usual Shutter Specs and The Art Of The State.

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