My Dog Sighs

Everyone's favourite My Dog Sighs, would appear to have been back in East London recently. Based in the seaside city of Southsea, the artist's latest visit to the capital saw him share with East Londoners a new series of new hand painted paste-ups. If you look hard enough you are likely to catch these new pasted up pieces on doorways and walls in and around the streets of Shoreditch and Brick Lane.

My Dog Sigh's last visit to London saw the artist work with fellow street artist Midge on a beautiful series of hand painted collaborative characters on vintage newspapers and music sheets again around the Shoreditch area. If you missed them have a look at their work we shared here.

My Dog Sighs and Midge piece from December 2013.

We have posted a small selection of photos below of the numerous new works from My Dog Sighs we found earlier in the week, including some of his 'Hugs' pieces and we imagine there are still plenty out there for us to discover yet. If you've seen any we've missed let us know.

My Dog Sighs
My Dog SighsMy Dog SighsMy Dog SighsMy Dog Sighs
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