Brick Lane Street Art - NemOs Mural on Sclater Street

Italian artist NemO's has been in London and over the weekend began working on one of his large scale 'Before and After' murals in the Sclater Street car park just off Brick Lane.

Street Artist NemO’s London Mural

As with the artist's previous 'Before and After' murals he begins with an initial sketch which he uses as a guide, he then creates the work in reverse painting the first layer of what will eventually become the final or "After" image. NEMO's then covers the surface of the first paint layer with a layer of glue and sheets of newspaper, covering the entire image that is underneath. 

Once complete, the paste and paper are left to dry before NemO's begins working over this paper layer with a second illustration (the Before image) re-skinning the skeleton image with skin and items of clothing.

This newspaper layer is destined to detach over time as the elements and the public interact with the mural which will eventually reveal the original character. Below is a selection of images of Nemo's creating the various layers of the mural. Hookedblog will continue to document the mural as it evolves and the paper layers begin to decay. Stay tuned.

  Brick Lane Street Art - NemOs Mural on Sclater Street NemOsNemOsNemOsNemOsNemOsNemOsNemOs

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