Ethos Exhibition

Hookedblog was fortunate enough to find ourselves in Paris over the weekend and we arrived in the French capital on Friday evening just in time to catch the preview opening of Claudio Ethos' collection of new works at Galerie Itinerrance.

Born in a favela in Sao Paulo, Brazil in the early 80's, this collection was the street artist's first exhibition in France. Titled "Intuitions Sur le Hasard" ("Hunches on randomness") the show saw the artist present a collection of ballpoint pen drawings and sketches alongside some beautiful large scale paintings painted in his distinctive style, using spay paint.

The opening preview drew a large crowd of French fans with many of the larger pieces sold when we visited the gallery. A fantastic collection of work and what a way to kick start a weekend in Paris, which continued into the early hours at the after-party with Ethos and a number of other French street artists that were in attendance at the show. Much fun was had, but one too many beers resulted in us taking a wrong night bus and saw us lost in Paris for about two hours before we made it back to our apartment! If you are in Paris the exhibition runs at the gallery until the 20th November. Check out some of the images from the preview below.

Ethos ExhibitionEthos Exhibition Ethos Exhibition Ethos ExhibitionEthos ExhibitionEthos Exhibition Ethos ExhibitionEthos Exhibition Ethos ExhibitionEthos ExhibitionEthos Exhibition

Opening days: Wednesday -Saturday, 2pm-9pm
Galerie Itinerrance — 7 bis rue RenĂ© Goscinny — 75013 Paris