Beau Stanton

One of the enjoyable aspects of travelling abroad is getting to meet with artists in person whom we may have only had email contact with or whose work we may have only previously seen online. While at this years edition of the Avant-Garde Urbano festival in the city of Tudela De Navarra, Spain we caught up one such artist, Brooklyn based Beau Stanton, who was also in town for the festival.

Following the opening of his Arcane Archetypes solo exhibition at Last Rites Gallery in NYC over the summer, the artist was taking a short break from the studio with a visit to Europe. Having stopped in Spain and Italy which also saw a new mural from the artist in Rome, Beau arrived in the UK last week. With a few days to spend in London before heading  back to the US and a wall space secured we caught up again with Beau as he set about laying down some base colours on this large East London mural. With the wall positioned in such a prime location the artist at work was attracting alot of positive attention from street art tours, tourists, and black book toting art fans looking for drawings in their books. This beautiful ornate mural is now complete and can be seen in person on Pedley Street just off Brick Lane.

Beau StantonBeau StantonBeau Stanton Beau Stanton Beau Stanton Beau StantonBeau Stanton Beau Stanton

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