London Street art on a boat at Tower Bridge in London

Hookedblog spent an afternoon on a boat in South London or to be more specific a barge, looking across the River Thames at Tower Bridge while checking out the street art that has been spraypainted on the boat.

South London Street Art

As beautiful as London's Tower Bridge is on a lovely sunny day, the boat art that was happening on the surface of the barge was far more interesting. 

Newly launched art collective Propa Stuff is the team responsible for the street artwork going up on this London riverside barge. 

Located along the River Thames downstream of Tower Bridge, the barge was one of a cluster of boats moored at the ancient Downings Roads Moorings which are one of London's oldest remaining river moorings. 

The Cambridge based art collective invited several international street artists to London to collaborate together on this unique floating canvas moored right next to the iconic Tower Bridge.

Miss Van- South London Street Art on a boat

South London Street Art - Tower Bridge

Street artists Miss Van, Ciro, and Alice Pasquini had already completed some fantastic work on one side of the barge on the day we visited the boat's location. 

Our visit coincided with the second wave of street artists invited by Propa Stuff to don their wellington boots and begin tackling the rest of the barge once the tide had dropped enough for them to begin. 

São Paulo street artist Mateus Bailon

We caught up with São Paulo street artist Bailon who has been making some noise around East London recently with his colourful wildlife inspired murals (covered here) along with the awesomely talented New York duo Sheryo and The Yok as they worked on decorating the other entire side of the barge with one of their crazy crocodile character chilling in his Hawaiian shirt and glasses. 

Bailon worked on the opposite side of the boat's hull adding one of his beautiful bird-like creatures alongside the finished works by the other three artists Miss Van, Ciro, and Alice Pasquini.

Tower Bridge Boat Art by artist Bailon

South American street artist Mateus Bailon at work on his mural on the hull of the boat, still some way to go before it is complete.

South London Street Art — Mateous Bailon

Street Artists Yok and Sheryo working on a boat in London

Artist The Yok and Sheryo

New York-based street art duo The Yok and Sheryo pictured working against the fast-rising tide on their Vacation Crocodilio street art mural on the hulls opposite side! Super difficult to get a full shot of this mural as it's moored between boats.

New York street artist Yok and Sheryo working on some London Street Art on a baot

Boat art in London with street artist Yok and Sheryo

Boat Art in South London by artist Yok and Sheryo

South London Street Art Mural - Alice Pasquini

Italian street artist Alice Pasquini pictured below also made a quick return visit before she heads back to Rome, to see her own finished mural work and the other artists' progress on the barge as the tides rose.

If you want to go check the South London street art murals in person, you can find it at Providence Square on Bermondsey West Wall - London - SE1 2AX .

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