London Street Art Stickers by the artist The Yok

Our regular readers will be aware of our love of street art stickers here at Hookedblog

London Street Art Stickers Collection 02

We tend to focus on lots of the larger street art in London be it the large-scale murals painted on the sides of buildings or the smaller street-level paste-ups and stencils and don't show enough love for the street art stickers.  

We frequently photograph the London stickers we see on our travels but we are not so frequent in our blog posts highlighting these street works.

So we have put together a new collection of London street art sticker images for this post and have selected some of the artist stickers that have grabbed our attention over the last month from the streets of East London. 

Take a look at the gallery of photos below featuring London street art stickers from artists The Yok, Jumbo, Above, Sheryo, Dave The Chimp, Bob Motown, Ben Eine, Joneyy, Adrian+Shane, and 616.


Ben Eine - Shoreditch Street Art Stickers

The YokShoreditch Stickers - Bob MotownLondon street art stickers featuring street artist Dave The ChimpUnknown


London street art stickers featuring street artist AboveLondon street art stickers featuring artists ADRIAN+SHANE

Dublin-based Irish artists Adrian+Shane are pictured above.


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