For their latest SHOWCASE episode, Spraying Bricks takes a look back at the recent D*Face show -- NEW WORLD DISORDER (covered here). The epic exhibition showcased a new body of work from the artist, and also marked the end of an era at StolenSpace Gallery as 'New World Disorder' was the last exhibition at the gallery before it relocated to their beautiful new premises on Osbourne Street.

Here's what D*Face had to say about the body of work on show at New World Disorder.

"My work reflects our popular culture encompassing the American dream and the ideal of good triumphing over evil, no longer relevant in today's society where the 'invade now and ask questions later' philosophy isn't tolerated or indeed wanted. Colliding cultures are no longer receptive to the American way, the Superhero's triumph of good over evil as portrayed through the political circus is now decoded through the eyes of different cultures, weary and wary of the sub-plot played in today's political climate where war equals brand invasion" — D*Face

If you failed to make the show check out the short film above to give you a sense of what you missed and also have a look at some of our photos from D*Face's Studio which was also opened up to fans and guests to explore in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity which will never again be repeated as the artist and gallery have now relocated to their new spaces. D*face StudioD*Face StudioD*face Studio D*face Studio D*Face StudioD*Face Studio at #NewWorldDisorder ExhibitionD*Face Studio at #NewWorldDisorder ExhibitionD*face Studio D*Face Studio at #NewWorldDisorder Exhibition D*face Studio D*face StudioD*face StudioD*face StudioD*face Studio D*Face Studio at #NewWorldDisorder Exhibition

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