French Street Artist Invader Invades London

While Hookedblog was south of the river over the weekend checking out the new mural by London Street Artist Phlegm (covered here), we headed further into South London on the hunt for some of the additional mosaic works installed on the streets by French street artist Invader. The newly installed street art pieces were from his most recent London Invasion, the 17th wave of the invasion of the city to date.

The latest London visit saw 12 new street art pieces installed around the city by the street artist, some of which we have already featured on the blog across a number of blog posts Invasion Part 01(covered here) and Invasion Part 02(covered here).

We found this super-sized David Bowie-inspired Pac-Mac ghost piece by Invader hanging out on the side of a pub on a quiet side street surround in scaffolding. We must return again and try and get some better shots of this new mosaic without the scaffold on the building.

French Street Artist Invader Invades London

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