Chinese artist DALeast has been on fire since his arrival in London two weeks ago, painting non stop. We have previous featured one of DALeast's additions to the East London streets featuring a leaping Tiger in the artist signature 3D style (covered here). Another of his new murals located on the busy Hanbury Street, just off Brick Lane sees DALeast painting two large wild cats in battle, against a super vibrant red/orange background that makes this piece really pop!

  IMG_9809_Hookedblog_©2013_Mark Rigney IMG_9836_Hookedblog_©2013_Mark Rigney IMG_9850_Hookedblog_©2013_Mark RigneyIMG_9852_Hookedblog_©2013_Mark Rigney IMG_9843_Hookedblog_©2013_Mark Rigney 

 More from DALeast soon.

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