Gaia — Marlo Lino Print

American street artist Gaia has landed in London, ahead of his upcoming show "A Show Of Hands" with East London gallery Nelly Duff. 

Artist Gaia Print Studio Visit in London

Hookedblog was lucky enough to hang out with Gaia for a few hours yesterday afternoon as he was working on a new Linocut edition for this London show. 

We left the familiar stomping grounds of East London and jumped on a train to Zone 4 in South London to catch up with Gaia in this South London print studio. 

When we arrived Gaia had already completed carving the 'Marlo' image into what is probably the largest piece of Lino we have ever seen and he had begun to ink up the Lino block. Despite us getting a little lost en route it looked like we had timed it perfectly as he was about to start printing on our arrival at the studio.

Gaia — Marlo Lino Print

Gaia inking up the finished linocut block with a roller. Gaia — Marlo Lino Print

Close-up shot of the image gouged into the linocut block.

Gaia — Marlo Lino PrintGaia — Marlo Lino Print

Gaia — Marlo Lino Print

The inked linocut block is then positioned on the press, ready for the sheets of paper to be placed on top before both are run through the press.

_MG_7678_Hookedblog_©2013 mark rigney

_MG_7727_Hookedblog_©2013 mark rigney

Gaia — Marlo Lino Print

Having run the inked lino block through the press, the image is impressed onto the paper, which is then transferred carefully onto the drying racks to allow the ink to dry.

Gaia — Marlo Lino Print

Gaia — Marlo Lino Print

Once the print has dried Gaia signs and numbers the finished print to complete the edition.

  Gaia — Marlo Lino Print

Below, Gaia holds up the finished lino print, and as you can see from the picture the new edition is massive! 

This stunning new 'Marlo' print edition is now finished and the print is available for purchase online directly from Nelly Duff's website here or in the gallery if you happen to be in London.

_MG_7514_Hookedblog_©2013 mark rigney

Lino Printing Process

It's always a joy for us to see artists at work and we very much enjoyed getting a run-through of the Lino Printing process from Gaia. You suddenly realize how much work, effort, and love goes into these beautifully handcrafted artist editions. 

Within the few hours that we were in the studio, Gaia and the print technician only managed to print a tenth of the 100 print edition. We never realized that Lino printing was such a long time-consuming process but we think you'll agree the end result is worth all the effort. 

With the edition, complete Gaia will now focus on the upcoming show which we are looking forward to and hopefully, he will also find some time to hit the streets again on this visit. Details for the show are below, be sure and RSVP and we will see you all there.

Gaia's "Show Of Hands" opens with a preview on the 11th April, 6 — 9pm.
To attend the opening please
The Ravenscroft Public House — 4 Ravenscroft St — Bethnal Green — London E2 7QG

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