VNA Magazine 21

Were not quite sure where we were or why we missed the launch party for the recent issue of VNA Magazine at StolenSpace Galley, but our copy was just delivered in the post and it couldn't have arrived at a better time. What with all the crazy weather recently this is a perfect excuse not to have to venture out in the snowy rain at least for a few hours anyway. With the heating cranked up, some good coffee brewed we sat back to check the VNA teams latest issue of the magazine, number twenty one and with Miss Van on the cover, bonus!

We have to admit we were pretty impressed with how quick the magazine was delivered, wasn't expecting to see it till next week, so big up to VNA and their speedy turnaround time. It's also fantastic to see the page count of the magazine constantly being pushed, packing even more fresh content into each new issue for us, we actually thought they had made a mistake and sent us two magazines before we opened the package to find this bumper new issue!

VNA Magazine 21VNA Magazine 21

In an increasingly digital world, it's refreshing to turn off the laptop for a few hours and read a real magazine, something we do less and less of as most of what we consume is online. The team at VNA continue to matain the highest of standards with this independent publication, consistently delivering the right mix of content with each new issue. From interviews and reviews to the streetart and graffiti selection photographed on the streets, they always seem to get the balance right which ensures we always read the magazine cover to cover.

VNA Magazine 21

This issue features Miss Van, Rone, MadC, Alex Fakso, Olek, Nosego, Inkie, Amanda Marie, Dal & Faith47 and more...if you haven't already done so, we suggest you  get yourself a copy now via the VNA Magazine website. Below is a flick through video of the current issue, have a look before you buy!