Horfée — Imaginarium Show

We missed the opening party last Thursday, but stopped into the gallery space to check out the latest offerings from Parisian Graff superstar Horfée. Following successful shows across Europe, the prolific graffiti artist has teamed up with London Collective Topsafe for his first solo exhibition titled 'Horfée's Imaginarium' here in East London.

Having extensively bombed his home city of Paris and further afield, the artist and his illegal works have gained him an almost cult like following around the globe. For this London show Horfée has brought his street skills indoors to his studio where he has produced this body of work on display which he doesn't see as graffiti.

 “This show is not graffiti at all” says the artist. “I mean; I do graffiti outside, but to me, an art exhibition can't be graffiti. Graffiti is just not the same as ‘accepted art:’ it has to be illegal to fit that bill.” 

Horfée — Imaginarium Show Horfée — Imaginarium ShowHorfée — Imaginarium Show

The energetic collection of work on show featured everything from canvas and paper sculptural works to installation pieces. But for us it was a joy to see his vibrant drawings framed on the walls as well as the flash sheets and sketchbook pages housed in a number of display cases. Check out some of our images in the slide show below.

   Horfée — Imaginarium Show

For those of you who are not in London, the show opening also saw the release of a screen printed edition and a new 96 page publication Ain’t No Doodles, both of which are now available online via the Topsafe online shop here.

Hypebeast caught up with Horfée ahead for his "Imaginarium" exhibition for this video interview in which he takes about his work and preparing for the exhibition. Have a look at the film below: