Back on a cold November afternoon we caught up with London based Italian street artist RUN, to hang out and take some pictures of the artist at work. RUN had returned to this spot located along Clapton passage in Hackney to repaint the two panels which had previously featured a collaborative piece RUN had worked on with artist Gabriel Bubois.

This extremely busy pedestrian street/passage also features another large mural from RUN directly opposite the piece featured here, which he painted on some wooden hoardings a few month earlier.  Both pieces were drawing alot of positive attention from the passing crowds as RUN was painting, with locals stopping to chat, film and photograph the work in progress.


With the light fading and temperatures dropping RUN managed to completed the new series featuring his signature interlocking faces and hands but the piece was unfinished and without outlines as we left. The artist returned to complete the pieces a few days later but as we were out of the country at that time it has taken us two months to make it back to Clapton and photograph the completed works which is pictured below.

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