Paul Insect

We were lucky enough to catch a picture of the recent billboard piece from UK street artist Paul Insect. The billboard on the Shoreditch end of Hackney Road featured a repeat image of Tibetan Protester Jamphel Yeshi who died after setting himself on fire.

The striking image was created by the artist as part of the Brandalism Project which saw 25 artists from 8 countries coming together for the biggest subvertising campaign in UK history. Taking place over five days a team of guerilla installers travelled to Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Bristol and London and "installed artworks that seeks to confront the ad industry and take back our visual landscapes." A number of the billboards have already been reclaimed by the advertisers including the Paul Insect one pictured which only last a day! But the Brandalism team have captured images of all the billboards and posted the full collection here on the project website. Go check them out.

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