We recently spotted some new street work this afternoon in Shoreditch from London based artist Mobstr (Previously on Hookedblog). The street artist has been installing his own wooden 'A boards' spray painted with various text based messages in various locations. The first A board piece to appear on the streets was the "Temporary Pointless Sign" pictured above which was chained to the lampost, and located close to Old Street Station.


Earlier today saw us here at Hookedblog stumbled upon another two pieces from Mobstr on Commercial Street in East London. The set of 'A boards' both feature the same text based stencilled message reads 'Sign Pointing You back This Way - 100m' with the one pictured above, painted black with white text and the other painted white with black text, both a 100m apart with arrows pointing in opposite directions, creating a sort of endless loop as in this 'Endless' video below created by Mobstr.

The Endless looping video from Mobstr.

Alongside these new 'A Board' stencil pieces the artist has been hitting the streets with a smaller series of official looking warning style street stickers similar to those commonly seen on electrical boxes, lamposts and other such street furniture. The one pictured above is the first one we have spotted on our travels and reads 'THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE HERE DO NOT REMOVE', if you our readers see any others in this series do let us know by sharing the location in the comments section below and we will add them to the post!

See some previously featured street art work from Mobstr posted on Hookedblog here.

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