We previously posted here on Hookedblog, the large scale 'Sexy' wall that London based artists The Toasters painted over the Bank Holiday weekend, collaborating alongside Zime and Sektie from the SOL crew on Great Eastern Street. The artists have sent us over these images of a second piece also painted the same weekend in an undisclosed location again featuring all three artist on the wall space.

The Toasters have also been quietly working away on their short film 'Everywhere' for some time now. The film is set to feature previously unseen footage of preparation and execution of some of their most recognisable pieces, along with exclusive interviews and new works there is of course the odd Toaster sticker, here, there and everywhere! Originally scheduled for a Spring release of this year, it appears that date been pushed back, but they have just realesed a second trailer for the project, have a look below.