Street Artist Malarky & Lucas hit Brick Lane, London

Far from being 'The Lazy Ones', Malarky and Lucas continue with their takeover of the Brick Lane area with splashes of colour across three brand new security shutters. 

Street Artist Malarky & Lucas hit Brick Lane, London

As well as working together on all these tasty shutters, the two artists have kept busy collaborating with Ronzo and Billy who recently returned from Berlin on the shutter pictured below. 

Hookedblog also caught up with them last week on Brick Lane as they were working alongside Mr. Hicks and Australian artist Ghostpatrol on this fun shutter.

And in case you were thinking all the action was only happening in East London check out the huge wall painted by Malarky, Sweet Toof, and Mr. Penfold in West London under the Westway, for last week's Notting Hill Carnival.

Malarky / Dogboy / Billy / Ronzo


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