Brad Downey and Akay visit our favorite southern Italian town, Grottaglie ahead of this month's Fame Festival. For the fourth year running the festival curator and host Angelo Milano has invited yet another impressive line-up of artists to the city in the run-up to the festival opening on the 24th September 2011. This years line-up includes: Erica Il Cane, Sam3, Blu, Swoon, Nespoon, Boris Hoppek, Escif, 108, Lucy McLauchlan, Aryz, Moneyless, Nug, Giorio Delle Dancnie, Akay, Cyop E Kaf, Vhils, Brad Downey and Momo.

Brad Downey and Akay or 'brakay' as Angelo has called them collaborated on a number of projects together, including the deletion of some ugly cars in downtown Grottaglie (pictured above) as well as some other interesting projects, two of which have been captured in these two short films below.
Fame Festival opens on the 24th of September and we can highly recommend it. You can see more from 'brakay's' adventures as well as images from some of the previous years on the Fame Festival website.

Image via FameFestival