Australian artist Anthony Lister is currently in Berlin for The Berlin Experiment which opens at the Project Rooms on the 9th June with 6 Days and nights of creativity from the artist. This from the Project Rooms site.

Tools, brushstrokes, spraypaint, electric guitar, doubts and hopes, hate and love, heroes on the walls, fallen dreams, questions and answers, visibles and invisibles - Mr. Lister will take the challenge to paint about, with and for Berlin. 6 days and 6 nights of permanent creativity, to be watched online and then concretely discovered on the very last day.
6 days and nights in the creative life of this unique artist, who is sharing his struggle with new materials, with jetlag and hangovers, who is driving us around town with his natural approach to Berlin and finally gives us back his wonderfull images of true versions of these unique moments.
We are very proud and happy to see you for the first strokes of this experiment with cold drinks and soft tunes.

Expect additional images and videos over the next six days! More info on the Facebook page for the event.